Website Development

Custom Website design services and website hosting are available. In addition to layout and graphic design, I'm able to provide programming services for e-commerce sites such as shopping carts and dynamically generated pages. Databases may be used to manage large catalogs, calendars, discussion groups, or image galleries if these are needed for your site. I can also provide the basics if that's all you need. Please contact me with your site requirements for an estimate.


Plant Delights Nursery
My favorite site, perhaps because it was one of my first. It features a shopping cart with secure server, a database for catalog generation which the client can access to keep availability up to date and which allows catalog searches. This site serves over 10,000 pages requests and transfers over 600 Mbytes of data per day. The on-line catalog has over 1000 items and is completely redone twice each year. In addition, the site includes thousands of images and a great deal of educational information provided by the site's owner, Tony Avent.

White Hat Group
Private investigations team of Chris Morgan and Ralph Strickland in Raleigh, NC.

Region 15 Summer 2004 Meeting
It's over now, but you can still enjoy the site.

Vole Control
A Bait Station System for eliminating pine voles that destroy landscape plants.

Plant Safari
A California Nursery with some amazingly cool plants, many of which are too tender for me to grow. Site design incorporates page layout designed by the client's graphic artist.

Home Reporter Systems
Everything you need to start a home inspection business.

Dragonfly Hill Daylilies
Daylilies offered for mailorder and local sales, featuring Daylily and Garden Galleries with hundreds of images from the owner's garden. Site is designed to be updateable by the site owner.

Pender Nursery
A wholesale nursery with an amazing selection serving NC and surrounding areas.

Pratt School of Engineering at Duke University (2001-2003)
This site featured a database which dynamically generates many of the pages in the site. The news and events pages are generated on demand to be as up to date as possible. The Pratt Press newsletter is generated by a script after the content is entered into the database. An interface is provided to Pratt so that the staff can make most of the updates without needing webmaster assistance. Server side includes are employed to ensure sub-navigation menus match on all pages in each section.

Computational and Applied Genomics Program at Duke University (2002-2004)
This was a small site that had to be put together very quickly. It featured a dropdown menu. Stock photography was located and modified and a matching texture pattern created to accent the site as no images were available from the client.

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Duke University (2002-2005)
Parts of the new site are still based on the work I did, but most of it has been replaced by an in-house webmaster.

Cyberlily Gardens
The site you are at now. The site includes a shopping cart, an on-line searchable database of daylilies, both a simple style of image gallery and a much more advanced one, and over 1400 of my own photos. Being my own site, it's usually the most out of date.

Holly Hill Daylily Farm and Chatham Wholesale Daylilies
Jim's one of the people who got me into daylilies. He only sells wholesale and at the garden, so he needed something to convey open garden dates and current promotions to customers and potential customers in the local area and the current availabity for wholesale orders.

Greg Piotrowski Daylilies
I made this site for my friend to showcase his hybridizing program.

Betts' Daylily Robin Trademart
is a private site accessable by invitation only. All pages in the site except the entry page are dynamically generated. Forms are provided for users to enter and edit their data, and database queries display current data. A very utilitarian site.
The opening page of this site is maintained by Sue Bergeron, though I host several of her images as Sue's server disk space is limited. I built and maintain the on-line daylily rust survey. Users may take two surveys related to daylily rust. Data submitted is automatically recorded in a database. All data from the cultivar survey is combined and the results are available when a sufficient number of reports are available. The full data set is available to those actively researching daylily rust. The rust survey is supported by the American Hemerocallis Society Committee on Scientific Studies.

Bannoche Gardens
Former nursery in Tennesee owned by a waterlily hybridizer.

Iron Gate Gardens
The daylily introductions of Van Sellers and Victor Santa Lucia.

AHS Region 15
Now both the official website for the region as well as the companion pages created to support and promote Region 15 of the American Hemerocallis Society. There are galleries of region 15 hybridizers and region 15 display gardens, and there's an event calendar for region 15 clubs and discussion forum. A work in progress... Most of the club sites in the region are hosted with the companion and share the regional calendar.

The Raleigh Hemerocallis Club This newly redesigned club website has a lot of information packed into a single page.
North Carolina Daylily Fans Another club website, similar to Raleigh but with its own personality.

Downing Creek
Community pages for the neighborhood of Downing Creek.

Website Hosting

If you need a hosting company for your website I recommend Pair Networks. I can arrange this hosting for you along with your website design, or you can purchase the hosting directly from me with a maintence package for your site. Hosting costs vary with the complexity of the site.


If you need assistance with images for your site, I'm willing to help with custom photograhy or with locating stock photos. I have a nice library of botanic photos which are also available.

Search Engines

When the web was smaller, it was easy to get a good search engine ranking. With more sites, there's now a lot more competition for the choice positions. Most commerical sites should consider additional forms of advertizing and announcements to get the word out about their site. Still, there are things you can do to get higher rankings, and I can work with you to optimize your site for specific searches.